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Light Towers on Location

Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services continues to supply operators with long run time, diesel-powered, & LED light towers throughout the Permian, Utica and Marcellus shale regions. Wellsite’s light towers provide superior illumination with high powered LED bulbs, reducing the amount of towers required to properly, safely illuminate well locations and pads.

Along with the cost savings provided, the efficient technological design of Wellsite’s light towers utilize less fuel than others on the market, providing 15-20% longer run time per fuel tank.

Contact Wellsite’s nearest facility to reduce your costs while increasing the illumination and safety on your site location today!

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Light Towers on Location

Fishing Job for Screen Recovery

Fishing Job Screen Recovery

Screen recovered downhole

Wellsite’s Permian operations team was called on to assist an operator with the recovery of a downhole screen used for sand control. The screen had come apart during a production tubing retrieval operation, when the screen slid off the main assembly body, causing an obstruction in the well.

After several attempts to retrieve the screen, the operator decided to contact Wellsite’s expert fishing team. Our supervisor arrived on location with a preliminary retrieval plan in hand. After reviewing with the company man and workover rig supervisor, our team adjusted the plan for current conditions, briefed the team on location and went to work. Wellsite’s team quickly retrieved the screen with the applicable tool . The operator was pleased with the minimal retrieval time required, as well as the execution provided by the Wellsite fishing team.

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Fishing Job for Packer Recovery

Fishing Job Packer Recovery

Packer Retrieved

Wellsite’s Permian operations team was requested to assist a Permian operator with retrieving a stuck packer. After several failed attempts by the onsite team, the operator contacted Wellsite’s experienced team to obtain advice. After reviewing, Wellsite’s Permian operations team was asked to arrive on location as soon as possible.

Upon arrival, Wellsite’s fishing supervisor received all applicable information, conducted his own assessment, and created a course of action for retrieving the packer with a spear. The appropriate spear was available from Wellsite’s fishing tool trailer on location and the initial retrieval attempt quickly commenced. Once at the depth of the packer, the spear tagged the fish. After assessing the set down and string weight, the team knew they had the fish. Once all pipe was removed, the spear was pulled onto the rig floor with the packer in tow.

The onsite team was well pleased with Wellsite’s efficient performance in retrieving the packer.

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Fishing Job for ESP Recovery

Fishing Job ESP Recovery

Impeller of the ESP

Wellsite’s Permian operations team was called out to assist an operator with an ESP which had come apart downhole during a tubing workover operation. The ESP separated into several parts while the workover rig provider was pulling the tubing.

All parts of the ESP were recovered within three quick trips. The operator was pleased with the professionalism, knowledge and end result of Wellsite’s successful efforts.

Contact our experienced team for any downhole recovery needs.

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Fishing Job for ESP Cable Recovery

fishing job ESP cable recoveryWellsite’s Permian operations team was called out to assist an operator with an ESP cable that had broken off of an ESP assembly during a tubing workover operation. The ESP cable separated from the tubing and the ESP assembly while the workover rig was pulling the tubing. The cable crimped and winded up, causing a major obstruction in the well. The operator attempted to retrieve the cable for more than a day but with minimal success.

Wellsite’s team was consulted, and after a detailed review, was hired to retrieve the cable. Once on location, Wellsite’s fishing supervisor briefed the applicable personnel of the retrieval plan and then initiated the execution of the operation. The ESP cable was quickly recovered and the operator was immediately back to work installing the new ESP assembly and production tubing.

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Reverse/Fishing Operation

Wellsite was requested to assist an operator with a fishing job consisting of parted tubing. Two of Wellsite’s reverse unit/fishing operators were mobilized, along with one of several high performing JWS340 pumps, a tank and a 2.5 power swivel. In addition to the parted tubing in the well, the ESP pump was also down hole. During the parting of the production tubing, the torque and force of the separation caused the ESP electric wire to bind up and stack on top of the remaining tubing, anchor and ESP pump. The additional production equipment down hole increased the difficulty of the fishing job. The Wellsite fishing team was able to quickly assess the situation and devise a plan to retrieve the fish. The plan was successfully executed, allowing operations to resume.

Contact our experienced team for any reverse unit or fishing needs.

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Parted Tubing with Rods Inside

The Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services’ Permian team recently arrived on location to tubing that parted at a pin screwed into the wellhead. To make matters worse, the rods and downhole pump were still in the well.

The Wellsite operator began fishing out the rods inside the tubing, securing 13-90 joints per trip. In an attempt to pull the tubing, a chemical cut was made below anchor, but the tubing was twisted around itself in the bottom joint, causing the fish to drag and increase weight. The fish was successfully recovered, along with all of the production tubing.

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ESP Gas Separator Recovery

A diamond burning shoe and wash pipe extension were run to burn over the remaining half of an ESP gas separator left in the wellbore. During the milling operation, the fish began spinning and ceased to make more hole. The bottomhole assembly was pulled from the wellbore with the fish wedged in the burning shoe, resulting in a successful removal of the fish from the wellbore by the Wellsite Fishing and Rental Services Fishing operator.

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Dropped Tubing

A Permian Basin operator contacted Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services to assist with fishing tubing dropped down hole with the pump still in the tubing. This combination caused the tubing to split and corkscrew towards the bottom of the string. The Wellsite fishing operator utilized an overshot to tag and latch on to the top of the fish. Wireline was rigged up with a free point tool to confirm tubing movement data. Once movement was confirmed, wireline was run back in hole with a chemical cutter to execute a cut in the tubing, right above the fish. The chemical cut allowed the operator to retrieve part of the tubing in order to expose the remaining fish. The Wellsite fishing operator then ran in hole with a burn over shoe and joints of wash pipe, burning over the remaining fish in the wellbore. Once the burn over operation was complete, the fish was retrieved.

Another successful fishing job executed by the experienced Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services team.

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