Dropped Tubing

A Permian Basin operator contacted Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services to assist with fishing tubing dropped down hole with the pump still in the tubing. This combination caused the tubing to split and corkscrew towards the bottom of the string. The Wellsite fishing operator utilized an overshot to tag and latch on to the top of the fish. Wireline was rigged up with a free point tool to confirm tubing movement data. Once movement was confirmed, wireline was run back in hole with a chemical cutter to execute a cut in the tubing, right above the fish. The chemical cut allowed the operator to retrieve part of the tubing in order to expose the remaining fish. The Wellsite fishing operator then ran in hole with a burn over shoe and joints of wash pipe, burning over the remaining fish in the wellbore. Once the burn over operation was complete, the fish was retrieved.

Another successful fishing job executed by the experienced Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services team.

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