Fishing Job for Packer Recovery

Fishing Job Packer Recovery

Packer Retrieved

Wellsite’s Permian operations team was requested to assist a Permian operator with retrieving a stuck packer. After several failed attempts by the onsite team, the operator contacted Wellsite’s experienced team to obtain advice. After reviewing, Wellsite’s Permian operations team was asked to arrive on location as soon as possible.

Upon arrival, Wellsite’s fishing supervisor received all applicable information, conducted his own assessment, and created a course of action for retrieving the packer with a spear. The appropriate spear was available from Wellsite’s fishing tool trailer on location and the initial retrieval attempt quickly commenced. Once at the depth of the packer, the spear tagged the fish. After assessing the set down and string weight, the team knew they had the fish. Once all pipe was removed, the spear was pulled onto the rig floor with the packer in tow.

The onsite team was well pleased with Wellsite’s efficient performance in retrieving the packer.

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