Specialty Rentals

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Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services, LLC focuses on offering comprehensive rental equipment solutions for oil and gas service companies located in the active oil and gas areas of the continental United States. That includes specialty rental equipment and hard-to-find tools needed for oil and gas projects. 

Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services offers the following specialty rental equipment:

  • Multipurpose specialty trailers
  • Cooling trailers
  • Rig floor cooling fans
  • Adapter spools (BOPs to wellhead)
  • Kubota RTV
  • Long-run diesel light towers
  • Portable mixing units – coming soon!

Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services has been providing quality equipment solutions to the drilling and production sectors of the oil and gas industry since 2013. With facilities in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas and Pennsylvania, Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services representatives are quickly able to provide the rental equipment solution you need.

Contact us today to learn more about how Wellsite Fishing & Rentals Services can assist with your next drilling, completion or production project.

Multi-purpose Trailers