Wellsite Rental Services’ Diesel Light Towers Reduce Operating Expenses with Added Benefits

BROUSSARD, Louisiana ─ Wellsite Rental Services, a comprehensive, rental equipment provider for the drilling and production sectors of the oil and gas industry, has added long-run diesel light towers to its rental equipment line.


The light towers supply portable lighting when electricity is not available or convenient, especially during night hours.

While burning less fuel than other similar products, each unit can reach 225 hours of operation on a single tank of fuel, reducing fuel costs and labor expenses.

The units use LED lighting technology that maintains a lifespan of 50,000 hours. This technology provides a more efficient use of light energy with lower power consumption.

Each light tower operates with an “instant on” feature, providing full brightness immediately. The unit also automatically turns itself on at dusk and off at dawn, eliminating the need for manual interaction.

As a product that can compress into compact locations for storage, the light towers can also rise to 30” when deployed and rotate 360 degrees.

 “These light towers provide our customers the opportunity to work in a brighter environment than what has been offered by metal halide light towers, reduce their carbon footprint and eliminate approximately one-third of the operating costs,” said Kirby Arceneaux, chairman of Wellsite Rental Services. “This addition diversifies our rental product offerings and directly benefits projects for oil and gas operators and construction contractors.”

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