Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services provides innovative oilfield services to achieve fishing and thru tubing success, making us a major advantage for our clients.

Wellsite is a provider of equipment for drilling, work‐over and coil tubing services to the domestic onshore oil and gas industry. Wellsite has a reputation for modern, high-quality equipment and a skilled responsive workforce.

Our expertise, resources and professionalism have played key roles in building a reputation for service excellence. Additionally, Wellsite has experienced field managers, strong customer relationships and the right equipment in the right place. At least 70 percent of services are focused on production-related activities, while offering versatile products and services for downhole tool operations to meet changing industry needs.

Wellsite’s mission is to present the best solutions to customers for fishing and thru tubing success while ensuring that safety is our first priority so every employee returns home safe.

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Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA)

Marcellus Operations

Cornerstone Completion Services

NorthEast Operations


Permian Basin