Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services offers reverse units and power swivels for unscrewing and recovering sections of pipestring for land-based applications.

  • Our reverse circulating package (12 or 24 hours) includes: triplex pump, 2.5 hydraulic swivel, 120 BBL tank with gas buster. Includes four drill collars, handling tools, lift subs and bit sub
  • Our fishing supervisor (12 or 24 hours)
  • Complete line of swivel joints, wing unions and circulating hoses
  • Reference code: VOTF52-1
  • Manufacturer: Allison manufacturing and pumps
  • Year manufactured: December 2012

Our reverse pump and swivel system offers a cost-saving solution for the oil and gas industry. The system includes:

  • National JWS-340 skidded triplex pump unit, Caterpillar C-9 engine rated at 350HP, Allison automatic transmission package, system control panel for throttle, clutch, and P.T.O. engage, 5”x6” mission centrifugal charge pump (hydraulic driven), hydraulic system for charge pump (pump, motor, valves, hoses and 40 gallon hydraulic reservoir), fuel tank, pipe rack, toolbox, complete 2” discharge manifold with fittings, joints of hard line with unions
  • Gooseneck trailer mounted swivel, National Bowen 2.5 swivel (S-85 Head Package), Cat C-4 engine, fuel tank, hydraulic system includes hydrostatic hydraulic pump, adapters and all hoses, hydraulic reservoir, hose spools with hoses, tool box, remote control panel (100 foot of air line/electrical line for remote control)
  • 120 barrel reverse pit (main body is composed of ¼” steel plate and mounted on 8” I-beam skid), center divider inside of pit with raising capabilities, walking platform with hand rails, 4” connections with butterfly valves (2), cutting sample tray, gas buster

All equipment has valid load test certificate and calibration.

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