Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services provides a wide range of downhole thru tubing tools from 1.687 inch to 3.125 inch outer diameter (1.687”, 2.125”, 2.875”, 3.125” OD).

We have an extensive Thru Tubing Motor fleet including PDM, EVENWALL and high temperature. Additionally, technology-developed Starcutt equipment is used.  The process includes cutting inserts for Mills and are designed for cutting applications; the insert has 12 sharp cutting points and is equivalent to 5mm (3/16”) and 6.5mm (1/4”) mesh size. Tungsten carbide grade CW6.

The ability to keep the motor and mill on the bottom of the wellbore and drilling efficiently and reliably is an economical factor that cannot be overlooked and requires top-of-the-line equipment.

Our comprehensive thru tubing line of products includes:

  • Flow Activating External Catch Fishing Equipment
  • Flow Activating Internal Catch Fishing Equipment
  • Flow Activating Repair & Remedial Equipment
  • Flow Activating Drilling, Wash-over, Milling & Cutting Equipment
  • Sand Control Systems
  • Downhole Impact Services
  • Downhole Motor Services
  • Experienced Thru Tubing Consultants

Our field supervisors travel to a customer’s locations to provide thru tubing services. Fully integrated, quick response mobile trailer units are supplied with a wide range of equipment including cased-hole motors, mills and bits, fishing tools and oscillator and jarring equipment required for most intervention operations.

Field supervisors can redress supplies for equipment readiness on location using an onboard diesel generator. All equipment and materials in the trailer are maintained through a critical inspection process to ensure everything is serviceable, operational and fully stocked at all times. By mobilizing all thru tubing equipment and supplies to your job site, Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services field supervisors are better able to serve our customers.

Our Thru Tubing Intervention services include:

  • Composite-plug removal operations
  • Scale, sand and cement-milling operations
  • High-pressure washing operations
  • Wellbore obstruction removal
  • Coiled-tubing fishing operations
Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA)

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