Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services, LLC provides Gas Storage Operators with a comprehensive solution for planning, executing and managing natural gas storage projects. Whether the project consists of one well or many, is geographically concentrated or widely dispersed with a wide geological spectrum, we can handle the job.


Our experienced professionals offer the services needed to complete your gas storage project, based on the Wellsite commitment to quality, safety and performance.

On-site supervision of gas storage projects including:

  • Project coordination and technical- site preparation
  • Field operations
  • Site restoration, etc.
  • Surveillance logging
  • Drilling
  • Well workovers
  • Testing
  • Re-stim (frac and/or acidizing)
  • Well head maintenance
  • Well treating
  • Flow back


Our gas storage experts help operators accurately evaluate their specific situation and design a solution that will achieve the intended outcomes. We assist with pre-job planning and offer wellsite supervision for flawless execution.

Our typical consulting process consists of these steps:

  1. Initial consultation
  2. Evaluation of situation
  3. Define outcomes
  4. Develop recommendation and action plan
  5. Project management and execution
  6. Commissioning
  7. Ongoing management

Project Management

Our experienced professionals can put your plan into practice with proven gas storage expertise and project management capabilities.

Roles and responsibilities we offer:

  • Consulting. On-site supervision, concerned with overseeing specific tasks, as laid out by the Gas Storage Operator/Company. To ensure all of the customer’s safety, environmental and construction standards are followed and documented.
  • Project Coordination. Get set for success. Arrange and ensure that all necessary steps prior, during and following a project are completed in collaboration with in-house and external stakeholders. We begin by evaluating project scope with an initial assessment and identification of project requirements and continue on through project completion and associated forms and paperwork.
  • Technical Consulting. Assist in development and execution of a specific project, including equipment recommendations, procedures, identifying contractors and materials.
  • Onsite supervision of a critical task. Mentoring of new technicians and junior engineers. Performing critical tasks with specialized tools under the site supervision of a consultant or company man.

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