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Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services rents a comprehensive inventory of the most needed oilfield tools and equipment with locations in the most active oil and gas regions for the onshore U.S. market.

What sets our tools apart is our disciplined quality assurance processes and technology that ensures no tool leaves our yard that isn’t ready to deliver performance to specification.

Quality work strings from end-to-end.

  • We  record, store and track the history of each tubular joint and connection, ensuring inspections occur on-time and that our work strings are ready to deliver reliable service.
  • New high-performance HZT makes our tubulars the most rugged in the oilfield, allowing the application of higher torque levels for faster performances and shorter job times.

Blowout Preventers (BOPs) you can trust.

  • All our BOPs are made in America and we rebuild, test, chart and drift all BOPs in-house consistent with our Quality Management System processes.

Adaptor Spools for the complete solution.

  • Our rugged adaptor spools are built to API 6A specifications and configured with a variety of end and outlet configurations.

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