Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services is pleased to offer 7-1/16” 10k well control blow-out preventers (BOP’s). These BOP’s are available in both single and double stacks. The Double BOP comes with shear tandem boosters with shear rams. We can also provide a two-inch and four-inch flow cross with manual gate valves. The accumulators have a diesel motor with nitrogen back-up and come equipped with fire-resistance hoses. We have certified BOP field techs available to rig up and down BOP equipment on location.

Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services, LLC rebuilds, tests, charts, and drifts all BOPs in-house, and has a strong QMS system in place. Every task has strict doctrine and handled with the utmost care and safety in mind. All BOPs are certified and built in the United States.

Wellsite offers Adapter Spools built to API 6A specifications and configured with a variety of end and outlet configurations.


  • Flanged, studded, and hubbed ends available
  • Manufactured for any combination of size and pressure ratings
  • Spacer Spools designed to minimize length while allowing sufficient clearance for wrenches or clamps
  • Available for general service and sour service in compliance with any temperature rating and material requirements specified in API specification 6A
  • Available with Stainless Steel 316L or Inconel 625 corrosion resistant alloy ring grooves
  • Tap-end studs and nuts are normally provided with studded end connections


  • Working pressure – 2,000 psi – 10,000 psi
  • Working medium – Oil, Natural Gas, Mud
  • Working temperature – -46– 121C
  • Material class – AA – HH
  • Specification class – PSL1 – PSL4
  • Performance class – PR1 – PR2
  • Connection – API 6A Flange, API 16A Clamp, WECO Union

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