Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services is pleased to offer the latest development in tubing technology, the HZT™ connection, developed by Certus Energy Solutions. HZT™ is an alternative to the industry standard PH-6 connection and provides operators with a more reliable, cost-effective, and robust connection.

Wholly unique, HZT™ is a non-upset connection with a metal-to-metal seal that eliminates downgrades of entire joints of tubing due to OD wear and allows for nearly unlimited recuts, reducing costs for operators.

HZT™ maintains a pressure integrity of 10,000 psi and has up to a 110% higher torque capacity than PH-6. It is made from P-110, has wear bands along the OD for simple identification of coupling replacement needs, and the tapered shoulder on the connection promotes a smooth OD transition.

HZT™ eliminates the shortcomings of PH-6 and is perfect for drill outs, clean outs, and fishing operations in vertical and extended lateral wells.

With over 3,000,000’ run to date, the HZT™ connection is a proven, efficient, and reliable choice for your tubing needs.

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