Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services offers tubular rental services to the oil and gas industry including the rental of seamless tubing, casing-friendly drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe and associated handling tools to help you complete the job quickly.

Our tubular inventory includes the following:

  • 3-1/2″ 13.30# S-135 3-1/2″ I.F. drill pipe with Duraband (casing friendly) hard band
  • Heavy weight drill pipe
  • 2 7/8″ PH-6 7.90# P-110 grade range 2 with internal plastic coating
  • 2 3/8″ PH-6 5.95# internally plastic coated
  • 2.375” & 2.875” High-performance HZT
  • Drill collars
  • Associated handling tools

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