Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services has established safety processes and a Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure we and our equipment deliver a safe and high-performance job, every time.


Our goal is to deliver nothing less than zero accidents and injuries across all our operations centers and business lines.

To achieve that mission, Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services invests in the training, systems and promotes a safety culture.

  • Safety professionals are accredited through OSHA outreach programs, the International Association of Drilling Contractors and other professional societies. We invest to ensure their certifications are up to date.
  • Safety culture. Our safety culture supports the training. Safety is the responsibility of every employee from top to bottom and no employee is required to work at a job he or she knows is not safe or healthful. Every employee is authorized and expected to stop any job that they consider to be dangerous.
  • SafelandUSA endorsed. Our employees are SafelandUSA SafelandUSA is a volunteer organization consisting of operating companies, industry associations and educators to develop a set of requirements for the US Onshore E&P Industry. SafeLandUSA accredits safety orientation programs to ensure minimum requirements are satisfied.

Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services is a member of ISNetworld,  PICS and PEC.

Quality Management Systems (QMS)

Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services is committed to total customer satisfaction and delivering a quality performance every time.

  • We use iScout technology to maximize productivity of our operations through the efficient collection and analysis of safety, environmental and operational data.
  • Management systems. Our systems put every level of the Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services organization responsible for meeting or exceeding the customer’s requirements, from equipment selection, delivery, inspection, billing and follow-up.
  • Continuous improvement. At Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services , we are never “good enough” and work to continually improve the effectiveness of our QMS processes.