Wellsite Fishing & Rental Services is now providing long-run diesel light towers for use at job sites. Long-run light towers are brighter than metal halide light towers and provide approximately 225 hours on a single tank of fuel. Available in ultra quiet 58 dBA at 30 inches and 68 dBA at 18 inches, light towers offer “instant on” functionality meaning they will be at full brightness right away. Additionally, long-run light towers have a daylight to dusk setting so light towers will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn.

Long-run diesel light towers are a safe and effective outdoor job site lighting solution. Light towers safety features include built-in fluid containment to protect against ground contamination from leaks, spills and drips; large external emergency stop button for quick manual engine shut down; built-in forklift channels; and low-fuel indicator light alerts when 48 hours of running time is left.

Long-Run Diesel Light Towers

Design Features:

High-efficiency 50,000 hour LED lights: 4 lights provide 200,000 lumens

  • High-quality Perkins industrial diesel engine, 3-cylinder, water-cooled system
  • Compact when stored, yet rises to 30 feet when deployed
  • Light tower mast rotates 360 degrees and each individual light may be aimed
  • 54 gallon fuel tank

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